Aroma Effect

AROMA Rose&Lavender&Orange Floral Water Effect

Aromatherapy effect that stabilizes the mind and restores mental and physical function,
Deep, attractive floral water fragrance cares for stress and insomnia

Very deep and rich floral fragrance

– Our product has a very deep and rich floral fragrance by using the highest quality rose water and floral water with the highest amount of rose oil.

– In addition to skin care, the aroma scent helps to calm your mind and body while you wear mask.

Moisturize your face every day!

– It is a product that can be used every day because it is gentle and effective for skin beauty as it does not contain any synthetic chemicals even if used several times every day.

All new face mask!!!

MONCOCO is a 100% natural cosmetic brand

0% Synthetic Chemical Raw Materials

– Using only natural or organic floral water that are effective for skin beauty without using synthetic chemicals such as preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, antioxidants, and surfactants, it provides sufficient moisture to the skin to improve wrinkles and brighten skin tones.

– No preservatives are added, but it is safe and stable